Yoyoso is an international designer brand founded in 2014, operated and managed by Think Thansk Co. Ltd. Through precise brand position and continuous innovation, YOYOSO has already won hundreds of millions of customers favour.

Yoyoso combines the aesthetic elements with designer’s perspective, gives the wisdom for life into creation. The repeated thinking, exploration and discovery, careful selection of the material, the pursuit of the purity of technology, make the design go fluently with aesthetic. Each excellent product reperesents a kind of fashion returning to the nature and artistic style of “modern, practical and simple”, gives more “comfortable and wonderful” to life by catering to the demand orientation and melody of contemporary customers.



YOYOSO pursues the life philosophy of “Simple, Fashionable and real” and the brand proposition of “Back to the Nature and restore the Nature of the Product” YOYOSO has won the favor of consumers all around the world through its core advantages, including New Arrivals every week, “High Quality and Inexpensive” New Prominent Path, and Positioning on Fast Fashion Leisure Department Store Chain. Furthermore, YOYOSO has already successively guided and uplifted the Wind of Superior Fashion Life Consuming Style in the fashion consuming front market.

YOYOSO entered into and carried out comprehensive layout in the fashion leisure department store market in China in 2014. As far as now, YOYOSO has more than 800 stores in the world, especially since the brand franchising opportunities opening to the market in the latter half of 2015, there were more than tens of YOYOSO chain stores grand opened every month.

"Simple, Fashionable and Real"



Give a big “Yes” to yourself when you
open your eyes every morning!


Now is Best

The most beautiful time is what you
have at this moment!


Young is Infinite

Youth is unspeakable Luxury!


One and Only

Because Focusing on Fashion, we
lead the trend!


Mellifluous Smile

Smile to life and then you will feel
the sweet life.


Sunny born

Be positive and enjoy the happiness.




Most of YOYOSO chain stores are in the prosperous CBD with high popularity. YOYOSO is making efforts to build a leisure department store close to the livelihood and with fashionable style, that brings more excellent shopping experience and perfectly shows the brand image of “leisure, super-valuable, high-quality, creative” to the customers.

YOYOSO advocates the Superior Fashion Life Concept, and takes the “Respect to Customers” as Brand Spirit. YOYOSO devotes to supply the “high-quality, creative and low-price” products to the customers. The YOYOSO products are simple, natural, high-quality. Mowing the global fashion trend The price of the most of products is between RMB 10 and RMB 99. So, YOYOSO wins the great favor of the white-collar workers.the petty bourgeoisie and the mainstream consumer groups in society. When YOYOSO advocates and realizes the superior fast fashion life style, it also devotes to build the brand-new fashion & leisure shopping atmosphere, so that the consumers can feel the happy. fashionable and healthy lifestyle.

YOYOSO put product structure optimization and product management as the primary and significant work Most of the products are from China, HongKong. South-east Asia, Europe and other countries all over the world.



Designing is an integrated planning process, which satisfies the shopping perception and sufficiently excavates the value of the nature of the products. YOYOSO devotes to build the products which are indeed integrated wth fashion. freshness and nature, and close to life.


High-quality is the target of YOYOSO, and the product materials are fundamental. YOYOSO gets through Large scale Procurement to select proper materials all over the world. Most of the products are from China, HongKong. South-east Asia, Europe and other countries all over the world.


Except the aesthetic feeling, function and utility are the base of the products. Starting from the user’s point of view, YOYOSO pay attention to rationality of product functions and production durability, which humanize the products to satisfy more expectations from the users.


Keeping the high product quality is the principle of YOYOSO all the time. In order to ensure the product safety, YOYOSO established the lab to make certain that the product is accord with global market standards on designing materials, functions, technologies and safety.


YOYOSO devotes to reserve traditional craft and consistently improving and innovating, which promotes productive forces and reduce production cost through technology.


The development of YOYOSO is based on complete and superior supply chain ecosystem. From designing and manufacturing to the logistics and the other segments, YOYOSO get close fit with numerous cooperators, YOYOSO can create and bring higher value to the consumers.


韩尚优品 32P画册 04

Superior products originate from the inspiration of life. We obey the nature, and learn creativity from it. During we pursue high quality, we also pay attenton to nature resource and environment protection, and try our best to select natural Eco-friendly materials. Furthermore. we make our products more close to nature and life through brand concept, product R&D and product distribution.

We hope that you can remember the significance of “a little bit”.
The significance of high-quality to save energy consumption;
The significance of materials to the user’s health;
The significance of environment to the human beings;
The significance of YOU to YOYOSO !

“Both science and reality are complicated. Numerous sounds clamor is looked like burdensome, but just because the mutual amendment makes it close to be reasonable. If it is hurry to make a conclusion and Stubborn to one side, whether imaginary beauty or disguised evil, both sdes will pay for it.” Chai Jing wrote Although the documentary “Under the Doom” may be not totally real or an article about environmental protection is not encugh to build an industry standard, there will always be some people firstly standing out to do something. The white war between human beings, pollution and health, is just “a little bit”, making the environment return to the original situation and letting us own the original health.

Yoyoso Master Franchise

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YOYOSO 6.0 store image, also known as aesthetic life designer brand image, mainly with simple, fresh Nordic decoration style.

So we should keep this simple and fresh in the display process, in the premise of maintaining the display space, increase the functional display of goods and scene display.


The display was full and obvious

Usually, keep the goods are in the front of the shelf. If the quantity is enough, fill the back of the front. If the quantity is insufficient, ensure that the goods in the front row are neat & uniform. Or, use the same size, same color series of goods to assemble into a row.


Categories Display & Correlation Display

On display, all products are grouped together according to the performance color of the performance. One row must keep same size,near color and related commodities . Goods on shelves should not be higher than the goods on shelves.


Vertical Concentration & Gold Position Display

When there are more than four varieties of this kind of goods, the goods should be placed vertically. The Gold Position Display is customers can see them while see shelf from the ground 120 ~ 160 com area.




Simple, Transparent Instant Vision

6.0 Image Display keeps the goods simple and visual, so keep a certain distance between the goods and the laminates, and at the same time, keep the same distance between each row of goods.


Creative Display

Through creative display as the highlight of commodity display, it can increase the scene experience of customers, attract consumers and in turn more sales of goods.


Trial Commodity Display

For some commodities, such as digital goods, skin care products, household goods, etc., we need to open a commodity as a trial product for customers to try. The function of this test product will bring great sales.


Glass Cabinet Display

Shop window display can be used not only as creative display, but also as commodity display. It can also be used as half creative display & half commodity display.


Booth Display

As the exhibition at the entrance of the store, the exhibition booth not only attracts consumers’attention, but also reflects the recent sales theme of the store.





Yoyoso Master Franchise

Contact Us for Franchise Enquiries

We are now the Master Franchise Partner of Yoyoso in Saudi Arabia
and we provide franchise facilities for Yoyoso in the region. Contact
us for any franchise enquiries.